Do you love great fragrances? Makeup? Skin care? Home products?

Whatever it is you love FM has something for you! Whether you just want to save on your own products, or perhaps make a bit of extra money, this really is the perfect opportunity.

If saving money is your thing, why not sign up for a preferred customer account? It’s totally free to get one and you will get all your products at our wholesale prices. You can take advantage of all the offers and incentives available if you want to and there are no minimum spends to worry about.

Why not turn it into a side income? You can use your preferred customer account to order products for family and friends. They pay retail price and you keep the difference between that and the wholesale cost of the order. You can even earn bonuses at the end of the month based on your month’s orders!

Or why not go all the way and climb our compensation plan with your distributor account? Know anyone else who would like to earn some spare cash? If you have a distributor account you can add them into your team and earn bonuses based on their sales too! FM pay on infinite levels so if your friend gets someone to join their business and that friend does the same and so on you will get paid a bonus based on all those people’s sales!

Starter kits are available from just £11.50, but you don’t need to buy one to get started. You can join totally free and purchase a kit at a later date if you find you would like one.

We have a very supportive team who will all be there to support you on your FM journey and we have regular online training that you can either watch live or catch up with at a time to suit you.

For more information and a no obligation chat, get in touch via the website, email info@kirstysfmworld.com or get in touch via facebook.

Or if you are ready to jump right in click here to get started.