The Importance of Planning

Ok, I am just going to start by putting this out there – I am rubbish at planning! I do however understand the importance of it and that is why I have spent the best part of today trying to figure it out.

Planning works differently for different people, some like clearly defined tasks for each day at a set time so they know exactly what they are supposed to be doing and when. I am not one of these people.

Whilst I do like a list of tasks, I do not like to have them set at precise times. In my days away from the day job, I simply hate being told what to do when; even if it is me who is doing the telling!

So now that I have figured that out, planning is easy, is it not?

Well no, because planning is so much more than a list of tasks. In order to plan you must work backwords from a goal. Once I realised this, I realised that the issue I have might not be with planning after all, it might be goal-setting that is my issue.

sure I want to do well in my business, but how well? When by? How much money do I want to make? What level of the compensation plan to I want to be at in three months? How about six? It dawns on me that I have no idea!

So where do you want to be in three months? Start there. What do you need to do to achieve this? Once you have the answers here you can then make a plan to achieve your goal.

So in my case, want to hit a certain part in our compensation plan and to do that I need a certain amount of points generated from sales of my whole team. Getting all those points myself is pretty improbable and my current team probably isn’t big enough either.

So the answer is easy, right?

Well no not really. It is not as simple as recruiting a few more people, I need the right people and I need to give them the right support to get their businesses off to a good start so that they can bring in points for themselves and for my overall team total. In short, I need to get a few more people to their first promotion and the people I already have to their next one.

This is where the planning part actually comes in.

Today I am scheduling posts for social media because I know I am super busy this week coming and will not be at a computer much. My plans for today were also to figure out how to plan and write a blog post, I give myself bonus points for actually writing the blog post about planning. I also had a quick chat with my upline scheduled as I haven’t checked in with her for a while. we used to chat a lot and I have let that slide so regular chats with her go in the planner.

I also plan for our group trainings. Now it is impossible for me to catch them all live this week so I have instead planned for catch ups, but I have made a note to tag my team members in the trainings so they don’t miss them. Encouraging my team to trainings is going to help them achieve their goals, the best way to do this is to lead by example and help my own business by attending them myself.

Recruiting is on this list as well because, as I established in my goals, I need more team members to achieve this goal. However I am not planning much in the way of recruitment this week as I will be too busy to really get people set up properly. I will focus more on recruitment next week when I will have the time to properly spend with people getting them set up. I will only really be able to work with one or two people this week at the most due to time constraints, and those will likely come from follow ups.

Always follow up! Have you heard the saying ‘the fortune is in the follow up’? Always schedule some time for follow ups. If I had just one tip to give you it would be that. I am terrible at following up, mostly because I don’t plan for it. If it was on my list of things to do I bet I would do it so onto the list it goes.

I also need to plan for time to spend with my team members, sometimes that is one to one and sometimes its a group chat or zoom call. it depends on everyone’s schedule really. Because my team is quite small compared to some, its still reasonably easy for me to try to accommodate people’s schedules but those with big teams obviously cant do this. This week coming seems to be busy for most of us so it will probably mostly be messages this week.

Some people put everything in their planner and others only put the things outwith their normal day-to-day stuff. I personally don’t bother putting work in, what’s the point? I already know I need to go there. But I do put things like doing the food shop in my planner and I have even started writing shopping lists, or telling Alexa to write them for me anyway. And do you know what? Since I started my Alexa-assisted shopping lists I have not forgotten a single item when I have been shopping! I guess that is the importance of planning – making sure stuff gets done and doesn’t get forgotten about.

So I guess that’s what I am trying to get better at, working out what the important tasks are in order to achieve my goals and planning for them accordingly because I finally understand the importance of planning.

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