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FM have launched a whole load of new products with the new product launch a few weeks ago, not all of them are available yet but one of the ones that has come into stock is the Active Burn Fat Killer. Now rather unsurprisingly this is the product that people were most excited about. Given the success of the existing Nutricode range, and in particular the Slim Extreme, people are really excited to try Active Burn.

It came into stock last weekend and most of us got our first batch delivered to us at the start of the week. I have been taking it for a few days now and thought it would be a good idea to do a quick blog about it.

What is it?

Active Burn Fat Killer, as the name would suggest is a supplement designed to aid weight loss. The ingredients contribute to speeding up the fat burning process and help eliminate excess water from the body. It helps improve digestion by ensuring the correct metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Oh and it also contains collagen and elastin which can help improve the firmness of your skin! As you see it is a pretty diverse product and one I was very excited to try.

How do you use it?

Active Burn is super simple to use, you don’t need to remember to take tablets before your meals or anything like that. You simply dilute 15mls into 1.5 litres of water and sip on it throughout the day, it even comes with a measuring cap to make it even easier. Now because it helps remove excess water, you might find you are going to the loo a bit more than usual, and for that reason I would personally recommend finishing it a few hours before you plan to go to bed. I have been starting mine a while after I wake up and trying to finish it around tea time, but that is obviously just my personal preference.

Here are some pictures showing just how easy it is.

What on earth does it taste like?

Now as you can see from the pictures above, it looks awful! I was really worried about it because I am a really fussy eater and really struggle with strange flavours. Although it looks terrible, and I am being totally honest about that here – it actually doesn’t taste like much at all! There is perhaps the slightest hint of a flavour, some sort of fruity thing maybe. Like when you make diluting juice but only put a tiny bit in and you can barely taste it, thats sort of how it tastes. If you find you really don’t like the taste though, you can always add diluting juice. I tried it just for something different yesterday and it made no difference to how the diluting juice would normally taste.

Does it really work?

Honest answer is, its too soon to tell. I know there are a few people posting before and after pictures on the internet but unfortunately the people doing this are the types that give the network marketing profession a bad name. These pictures cant be genuine as the product has only been available to order for one week! What I can promise you is that I will only ever show you my own genuine results, or results of people I know have actually been honest in their reviews (sometimes my customers or team members may review a product for me and I trust them). I have been on Active Burn now for four days (would have been five but I left it at home one day and didn’t want to start drinking it at 9pm when I got in) and I am down a little bit of weight – exactly 1 kilogram which is just over 2lbs. Now when you consider that I haven’t changed anything else at all, my diet is the exact same and I am not fit enough just now to do any extra exercise due to my hip at the moment, I don’t think that is bad at all for just four days on the program! I have always been a bit embarrassed of my weight, but if I want to be honest about this journey, which I really really do then I have to be fully honest with you all so here are some pictures of my scales on my start day, and again this morning.

I am pretty excited about this program and can’t wait to see what my total loss is over the full month. I will of course keep you updated on my progress.

If you want to jump in and try it yourself, you can order your month’s supply here:

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