My new website

How great is my new website? I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet (although I am pretty proud of it) what I mean is how great is it that I have my very own website now? One place for all the information I want to bring you about FM World and one place you can get in touch with me.

You should be able to find information about the company and our products here and there are links to the shop where you can buy what you need – of course if you prefer you can get in touch with me and I will process your order for you!

It is still a little bit of a work in progress I know, and I will be adding to it more and more over time. I will try to keep you up to date with the latest offers and promotions from FM as well as any special offers I am running myself.

Right now we are celebrating the launch of our new catalogue which has some amazing new products in it, including some new fragrances. Not everything has launched yet, some of it wont be in stock till October but it really is so exciting. there is new skincare, new fragrances, new chocolates and some amazing new Nutricode systems all to come!

I am headed down south at the weekend for some training that I am hoping will cover some of the new products (yes I am going down to England all by myself! anyone who knows my sense of direction will feel my fear) so that I can give you the proper information about them. from what little I know so far all I can say is that I am very excited and I can see FM growing and growing with all these amazing products.

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